“Neta” means the fresh ingredients of sushi. Our restaurant brings you the best neta with unique preparations and warm service for a special dining experience.

Neta offers daily omakase (“chef’s choice”), tasting menus, small plates, and a full sushi menu. We invite sushi veterans as well as neophytes to join us at our sushi bar for direct service by our sushi chefs. We believe in the importance of hospitality, and welcome you to relax and enjoy your next meal with us.

Chef Sungchul Shim is the Executive Chef at Neta

Executive Chef Sungchul Shim

Chef Shim holds a culinary arts degree from The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. Chef Shim brings to Neta a unique combination of Western and Eastern culinary craft and philosophy, honed from years of formal studies and practical experience in fine dining in Asia and the United States.

Chef Shim hailed from Korea, where he developed his love for food and cooking and began his culinary studies and training. To further his journey as a chef, he relocated to New York City in 2005 for an externship at the Three Star Michelin Le Bernardin and then continued to expand his knowledge and repertoire working in many of New York’s finest kitchens including Aureole, Peacock Alley at the Waldorf Astoria, Bouley and Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel. Chef Shim learned the fine art and techniques of Japanese cuisine, training directly under the then executive chef of Momoya, a well-regarded Japanese restaurant in New York.

In less than four years, Chef Shim’s impressive skills and creativity secured him a position in 2009 as Chef De Partie at the Michelin Three Star Per Se where he was part of a team of chefs responsible for strategizing Per Se’s daily new menus.

Chef Shim's intensive training has culminated in his current position as Executive Chef at Neta, where he leads a professional team to warmly welcome our guests to Neta's exciting and innovative Japanese cuisine every evening.